Metallurgical Test


To be certain of the investment in a project, it is clearly needed to know that the mineral processing will work greatly on start-up and throughout the life of the operation. HZE provide the certainty scheme by rigorously testing representative samples and analysing the results to deliver innovative and cost effective process flowsheet and technical indexes that maximize the project’s revenue whilst minimizing capital and operating costs.

The metallurgists of HZE are experienced in the comprehensive range of perform bench, pilot and industrial-scale testing using the advanced process equipment and adopting various processing techniques for many sorts of minerals.

The test includes the following items:

(1) Study on the process mineralogy.

(2) Do the elemental analysis for the sample.

(3) Measure the physical properties of the samples such as true specific gravity, bulk density, accumulation angle and hardness of the ore.

(4) Test for ore crushing, grinding, scrubbing and screening analysis.

(5) Design and perform variety of the schemes of separation and recovery. The possible processing involves gravity, magnetic separation, flotation leaching, extraction and so on. 

(6) Confirm the mineral processing parameters and the optimized beneficiation flowchart.

(7) Confirm the optimal parameters such as ore particle size required by the processing, magnetic induction intensity, consumption of reagent, PH value, slurry density, leaching residence, recovery ratio.

(8) Carry out the sedimentation test.

(9) Appraise the mineral processing economics.

(10) Submit the finial detailed test report.