Packing and Transportation


HZE has a complete logistics management system and has a good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign logistics companies to ensure safe, smooth and punctual logistics at low cost.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project and avoid any omissions and mistakes, HZE carries out very detailed storage, packaging and transportation of various equipments, materials and tools. Each piece of goods has a clear label, and it is very convenient to unload the goods after loading them in the container or transporting them to the site.

HZE uses 3D software to make the container loading drawings, taking into account the special requirements of the size, shape, weight and moisture, anti-collision of the goods. The container is loaded in strict accordance with the drawings and the packing list, and the goods are fixed as required to prevent any errors. Packing drawings and packing lists are also sent to the customer. After the goods arrive, the goods are unloaded according to the drawings and lists to avoid any possible damage during transportation and unloading.

The specific packaging and transportation process is as follows:

Equipment and Material Statistics → Designing Packing Manual → Classified Package → Container Loading → Domestic Transportation in China → Customs Clearance in China → International Transportation → Customs Clearance in Destination Country → Transportation in Destination Country → Counting and Inspection → Site Management


 Container Packing Example