HZE provides safe, efficient and timely project commissioning services. Combine the design documents with the actual situations of the customer, formulate detailed commissioning procedures and requirements, thoroughly adjust and test every equipment, facility and processing section of the processing plant to ensure that the capacity and various production and technical indicators meet or exceed the goals identified in design. After the commissioning of the entire project is completed, the commissioning results are confirmed one by one with the customer's management team, and the factory personnel are fully trained, then the plant is delivered.

The main steps of the commissioning include:

No-load Pre-commissioning for Single Equipment → No-load Combined Pre-commissioning → Water Supply Test Running → Air Supply Test Running → HVAC System Test Running → Pre-commissioning for Single Equipment with Water → Combined Precommissioning with Water → Instrument Test → Commissioning with Load and Materials → Automatic System Commissioning → Reaching the Designed Capacity and Indexes