Small Scale Modular Gold Flotation Plant


The relocatable modular flotation plant recovers gold from the sulfide ores. especially for high grade ores. The concentrate produced by flotation is sent to the next process, intensive cyanide leaching. 

This flotation plant can be used as an independent pilot plant.

Main Flowchart

Functional Module

For the situations of raw materials and the customer’s requirements, it is free to select the comminution module, grinding and classification unit, gravity concentration module, flotation module, concentrate settling module, water supply module and power supply module to form a complete plant which recovers gold as much as possible.

Crushing Module

The rocks are crushed to the qualified particle size for grinding. The module is composed of hoppers, crushers, belt conveyors, feeders and so on.

The ores are usually crushed in two stages. According to the actual situation of the site, the primary crusher can be mounted in the mining area or the processing plant. The crusher is usually driven by a diesel engine if it is located in the mining area.

Grinding and Classification Unit

The closed-circuit grinding and classification system consisting of the ball mill and spiral classifier can liberate ore into the suitable particles for recovering gold. The unit  can be adjusted to a closed-circuit system consisting of the ball mill, slurry pump and hydrocyclone if the customer demands.

The grinding and classification unit is amounted in the whole steel frame.

Water Supply Module

It is composed of the water tanks, water pumps and water supply pipeline. The optimized water balance is achieved by the controlled the utilization rate of water.

Power Supply Module

It is composed of the diesel generators, distribution devices and the starting panels and so on. The module is suitable for the areas with inconvenient traffic and shortage of the power grid.


It is suggested to select the gravity concentration module to form a perfect combination to achieve the highest recovery if some coarse gold particles exist in the ore. The concentrate produced by gravity concentration can be mixed with flotation concentrate together or smelted separately.

If there are a large number of oxidized ores in the original ore besides sulfide ore, it is suggested that the carbon slurry carbon leaching process should be adopted directly in small-scale concentrators.

Special Functional Module

Flotation Module

This module is composed of the slurry conditioner, reagent solution preparation tanks and flotation cells. The reagents are made into solutions in the reagent solution preparation tanks. The overflow slurry coming from classification process is mixed uniformity with reagent solution by the slurry conditioner then it flows into a series of closed-circuit flotation cells to produce concentrate. A series of flotation cells are divided into rougher, cleaners and scavengers to ensure good recovery.

Concentrate Settling Module

The concentrate slurry flows into a set of pond to settle naturally, and the clarified water is recycled in the plant. The settled concentrate is packed into the bags artificially for transporting to the next processing, cyanide leaching.

Self-priming Flotation Machines

The flotation machine has large air suction capacity and low power consumption. Each cell has three functions: air inhaling, slurry suction and froth flotation. A certain number of flotation machines form a closed flotation circuit without any auxiliary equipment. All cells can be arranged horizontally. The flotation line and the number of cells of every stage can be adjusted at any time to achieve the best flotation effect according to the change of minerals.

There is an adjusting device at the discharge end of every flotation stage which is very convenient to adjust the slurry level. There are backward blades on both sides of the impeller, which can cause the reasonable slurry circulation and avoid coarse particles precipitation.

The chamber between the impeller and stator becomes a negative pressure zone during the impeller rotating. Air and slurry are sucked into the chamber forced by the negative pressure, and fully mix together to generate many small bubbles adhered by the useful mineral particles. The bubbles float up to recover gold well.